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extWARN Downloads

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For a new/demo installation:

Please note that the extWARN demo is fully-functional, but limited to a maximum of 5 target PC IP addresses.

File name Version Description Size Date
Setup.exe 3.30 extWARN Setup Program 1.15 MB October 19, 2009
Readme.txt 3.30 extWARN Readme File 6.16 KB October 19, 2009

To update an existing installation:

Please note that the following update files will only work properly if extWARN version 3.24 or later is currently installed. If a version earlier than 3.24 is installed, you will need to uninstall extWARN and download/run the newest Setup.exe install program above.

File name Version Description Size Date
extWARN.dll 3.30 extWARN Update File 354 KB October 19, 2009
Update.bat 3.30 extWARN Update File 67 B October 19, 2009
ExtLocal.exe 3.30 extWARN Client Module 16 KB October 19, 2009

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